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marzo 8, 2009

Muchas veces vas caminando por la calle y al voltear la cabeza vez un anuncion publicitario que te deja pasmado, o te hace reir, o simplemente te gusto por una razon en particular que le hacia diferente de los demas anuncios? Bueno, eso no es que sea algo del otro mundo pero si puedes tener por seguro que no eres el unico extraterrestre que le pasan esas cosas. Como bien debes saber, hay muuucha gente que se dedica a este tipo de cosas, pues aqui te pondre solo una minuscula parte de las pequenas obras de arte que podras contemplar en cotidiano y que espero que de alguna u otra manera, te sean de ayuda.

(Nota: Los dejare en el idio original porque realmente son demasiados para ponerme a traducirlos todos)


Barebecue Grill Drain Outdoor

An outdoor ad for grill makers.
— Brennter 
“Lord of War” Poster with Bullet Holes

Just as the titles says, this is a poster for the movie Lord of War with some convincing bullet holes. Sao Paolo, Brazil.
— i believe in adv 

Wrinkled Poster for Skin Care Salon

Poster for Fizz salon by Interface Communications, Chennai, India.
— via AdPunch 

Bus Poster for Duracell

An outdoor/transit execution for Duracell batteries in India.
— blogsome 

“Giant Hand for Heineken” Billboard

— Frederik Samuel 

Outdoor Ads to Fight Homelessness

A couple of unrelated campaigns to fight homelessness from Invisible Red. Wonder if people tune out of the ads that are too scary, and whether it’s too hard to create a more positive but an equally powerful execution. 

Giant iPod Billboard for Magazine

I am sure this one has been posted before but couldn’t find it so there. This 25 ft. iPod promotes Columbus Aliva magazine and plays music by local musicians. It’s powered by a real iPod nano. Here’s the playlist.
— MacDailyNews; thank you, Elise 

Cork Outdoor

“For a annual wine trade fair in munich called “Forum Vini” Heye & Partner turned regular advertising pillars into giant corks.”
— thank you, Tim 

Rain-Sensitive Billboard for Mascara

When it rains, mascara — but apparently not Max Factor’s — runs. Simple. Similar to the famous “Pray for Rain” billboard for Playboy.
— core 77 

“Street Chains Replaced with Necklaces” Outdoor

Oversized necklaces on the streets of Geneva to promote
— adverbox 

Outdoor for Pest Control Services

Miniature police tapes on the streets for ORKIN pest controllers.
— creative criminal 

“Drowned Child” Underwater Ad

This ad on the bottom of a swimming pool showing a drowned child almost tops this decal of a dead woman. Love the look on the kid’s face.
— via coolz0r 

Government Ads on Traffic Light Buttons

Don’t know if they are real, but Adpunch says these are “government sponsored guerilla advertising campaign undertaken in London to garner public support on government policies in the U.K.” Would love it if they were real. 

TV Decals on Train Windows

Decals looking like TVs were pasted around Mumbai trains to promote NDTV 24×7 (a channel, I guess).
— creative criminal 

Painted Hole Promotes Cell Service

One of those anamorphic illusions painted on the sidewalk to promote Canada’s cellphone service. 
— doweirdo 

Competing “No Dropped Calls” Billboards

This one is for Cingular, via Advergirl.

This one is for T-Mobile, via Flickr

The question is, what will Verizon drop to make its counterpoint? 

Ad Tricks in Japanese Train Stations

Billboardom is back from the slumber and is proud to bring you the Ten Coolest Ad Tricks In Japanese Train Stations

Speech Bubbles For Clean Beaches

More at AdArena

Volkswagen Polo and Concrete Blocks

Small but definitely tough.
— Coloribus

Different Billboards for Different Shoe Sizes

So simple and yet so lovely. Much more powerful than many of the stunts blogged here.
— frederik samuel 

Treadmill Marathon for Nike

Not sure how it works but it would be cool if they let everybody jump on that treadmill and pitch in a mile or two.
— Briefblog 

Car Crashing into Urinal

Everytime you miss the urinal a car crashes somewhere. Or something. 
— all over the internets 

Creative DIY Lamp-post Ads

For piano lessons (via Flickr)

For an epilation centre (via Coloribus)

For dance classes (via Flickr

Spam Truck

Just realized I haven’t posted for two weeks. Here’s a truck-load of spam for you all. More soon.
— consumerist 

“Dead Woman” Decal

A decal of a dead woman for Canadian Red Cross at the bottom of a stairwell in a Cineplex Theatre in Toronto. 
— caffeine marketing 

Ubuntu Billboard

Nothing creative about execution of this billboard except for the fact that it promotes Ubuntu. 

The “Hip Ronald McDonald” Poster

Somewhere in Japan, Ronald McDonald is learning the groovy moves.
Credit: art.reyu on flickr

“Ready for Your 45:” Billboards for Nike

A whole series of these billboards at Coloribus

Blue Rubber Duckies in Fountain for Adidas

Adidas filled a Copenhagen fountain with blue rubber ducks to promote its new store.
— Thomas Christensen 

“Violence Everywhere” Posters

Cut-outs warning people about the dangers of walking alone in the dark in Mexico.
— coloribus 

DHL “No Size Limits” Billboard

“Kill Bill” Bathroom Promo

Kept meaning to post this for a few months now, so here. A promo for Kill Bill in Asia.
— ads of the world 

Energy Drink Eye Covers

These promo pieces for energy drink Rox were given out to train commuters. 

Offtopic: Weird Retro Ads
Taking a break from billboards and sharing a few bits from my growing retro ad collection. The guy on the second one is indeed Ronald Reagan.

— source 

“Think of Your Sponsor” Locker Room Poster

A poster in a soccer locker room reads: “Important! Think of your sponsor under all circumstances.” Right. Always keep your eye on the goal and your mind on the paycheck. Love the attitude. 
— sloganmaker on flickr 

Upskirt Promo for Che Magazine

Posters in supermarkets promoting for the Che magazine in Belgium.
— via AdRants 

One-Man Stretchers Outdoor

Volunteers are recruited through this very cool “one-man stretcher” campaign in Germany.
— coloribus 

Guy Cleaning Teeth on Orbit Billboard

Someone else’s teeth, that is. Sort of the same worker-on-a-billboard idea, although not quite, for Mini.
— frederik samuel 

“Skoda Parked Near Monument” Augmented Billboards

Ad Blog Arabia brings us this wonderful set of billboards for Skoda found in Prague. As they say, “The actual statue was covered from all sides by large billboards depicting.. well.. the statue, with the car added in. When you stand at certain angles the add blends in almost perfectly with the surrounding scene.” The blog has many more pictures, too. We’ve seen billboards augmenting reality before: in this Amnesty campaign, and inEstonia, for example. 

Sopranos “Hand in the Trunk” Campaign in Russia

The campaign for the HBO show The Sopranos comes to Russia (along with the show itself, that is). More pictures and explanations (in Russian) here

Mike’s “I Want A Job In Advertising” Billboard


Transparent Billboard for DIY Stamps in Estonia

This billboard promotes the new service of Estonian postal service that allows people to create their own stamps. More images on advertka 

“Sharp Knife” Billboard

A billboard for Zwilling J.A. Henckels, the knife-makers. 
— coloribus 

Transit Ad for IWC Watches

Ah, how nice. Try these watches on for size while riding subway to work (or, more likely, a shuttle to your executive jet). Here’s a similar idea done in print.
— frederik samuel 

Laptop Decal on Plane Seat Table

A decal for a Brazilian laptop brand placed on tables in an airplane. Awesome.
— coloribus 

Giant Adidas Shoebox

Just as the title suggests, it’s a giant Adidas shoebox, somewhere in Amsterdam.
— from Caffeinemarketing 

Squashed People Stop Traffic

Ah, long time no see. No fear, Billboardom is not dead, and very soon it will get Billboarder than ever. Gotta finish a few important things first. But in the meanwhile, here’s a series of recent finds (from this post upwards).

This one is a neighborhood project in England to slow down street traffic. To quote from the website, “There are no zebra crossings in all of Summertown. Presumably this is because the City Highways Authorities doesn’t want pedestrians to get ideas above their station, lest they start demanding equal amenities to those offered to car owners. So, to redress this balance, a fake zebra crossing was constructed along the central section of Banbury Road using about GBP20 of materials, including white tape, plastic drainpipes, yellow balloons, some old clothes, and two overripe melons.” 

Giraffe Lamp Post Promotes Zoo

San Francisco. Giraffe. Zoo. Very cute and self-explanatory. 

Kebab Poster’s Weird Pun

Somewhere someone has a weird sense of humor. An ad for an ethnic restaurant where they serve you kebabs on skewers that you can use to stab your date. Blah.
— advertka 

McDonald’s Sundial Billboard

So this has been making rounds on the nets since last week, so I am not being very original, but anyway. A nice use of sunny weather similar to this billboard made of metal pegs. Here’s the full story

Hundreds of photos of funny billboards and crazy outdoor ads
found throughout the world:

Superman Returns

… and ties lamp posts into knots. 
— Marketing Alternatif 
BMW’s “I Can See Bridgeport” Billboard

From up here, I can see a BMW billboard. 

Transparent Billboards for Amnesty International

Amnesty International put the transparent billboards idea to good use. Imagine the bad stuff happening in your own back yard.
— hautlust 

Pink House for “Simple Life”

Our reader Gaga from Atlanta sent these great pictures in. Access Atlanta explains: “We’re told that the owners of the house are such “Simple Life’ fans that they agreed to the retina-punishing publicity stunt. On Friday, “Simple Life” PR reps even offered media types an advance look-see at the house, where pink lemonade was served up. A “blinged-out” dog contest was also held on the grounds.” 

“HIV Positive” Billboards

More billboards from the campaign on Adverbox

Giant Inflatable Bar by Smirnoff

The Smirnoff Ice Cube Inflatable Bar and Nightclub produced by Inflate.
— via coolhunter 

Transparent Billboard by Nike

— advertka 

Giant “Lord of the Rings” Billboards

Good Gollum. More here. Somewhere in New Zealand. 

Friday Special: Weird Sculptures

Today is my official day without advertising. Enjoy some weird outdoor art instead.
– A nice general compilation.
– A LiveJournal about monuments featuring otherwise-not-safe-for-work themes.
– Another LiveJournal with freaky installations of street furniture for children (all in Russian). 

Fountain of Dishwashing Foam

Someone poured dishwashing liquid in a fountain for what seems to be a P&G or Unilever stunt in Ukraine.
— source


Whiter Outdoor for Mr. Clean

The message: Mr. Clean (aka Mr.Proper) cleans the pavement well when someone is burried there. Good work, though. One Show winner

Another Underwater Poster

Many years ago, My Favorite Copywriter and I were dreaming about going to Jamaica and opening our own ad agency that would be called “Outdoor and Underwater”. Looks like the underwater part is being taken care of. This one is a recruitment poster for the navy of Singapore. One Show winner. Here’s the one posted earlier for scuba lessons. 

FedEx: Stairway to Heaven Billboard

Billboard for FedEx in Thailand. Winner of Times Asia-Pacific silver award. 

Bus Shelters Converted Into Goals

— briefblog

— briefblog 

Mini Underpass Billboard

A great execution for Mini next to an underpass entrance.
— marketing alternatif

keywords: mini, underground, billboard 

Basketball Hoop on a Billboard

A simple idea encouraging interaction with the ad piece.
— marketing post 

“Luck of the Irish” Beer Billboard

This billboard for Smithwick’s beer is one of the more inspiring billboards that got Cannes Lions for outdoorthis year. 

Nike’s Rooney Billboard

A billboard by Nike in London, cheering English team that made it to the next round in the World Cup. This isWayne Rooney, the soccer star. Read more at Fox Sports.


Soccer Billboards from Ukraine

Some football (yes, football) billboard madness from Ukraine, whose team is likely to advance into the next round. 

Blackberry Outdoor

A cute outdoor execution for Blackberry, a bit like this ATM-like decoration for mobile banking.

— Advertising 2.0 

Roof Posters Put Smokers in Grave

An outdoor campaign for Cancer Patients Aid Association. More amusing than scary, I’d say.
— frederik samuel 

Huge “Goalie” Bridge Billboard

Keep forgetting to post this great billboard from Germany. More soccer stuff coming up.
— Cerebro Creativo and all the entire net by now 

Amnesty International’s “Locker” Outdoor

Amnesty International’s campaign to free prisoners (I guess). Cut-outs hidden in public lockers. Brilliant.
— creative criminal 

Mysterious “I Pooted” Billboard

A strange billboard spotted by a Flickr user; the ad brains on Adland say it’s Cartoon Network’s. Here’s another one in the series. 

Mini Billboards, Part III
Marketallica brings us a few old but never forgotten outdoor executions from Mini that we neglected to include in our collection.


Kinko’s “White Out” Outdoor

So, first you paint the sidewalks with a yellow marker, then you try to fix things with a bottle of white-out.
— Frederik Samuel 

Underwater Poster for Scuba Lessons

“To promote a scuba diving course, the agency installed these posters at the bottom of Antwerp’s public swimming pool.” Copy reads, “Not deep enough?”
— marketallica’s flickr stream via advertising for peanuts 

Renault Check-Out Line

A check-out line in a grocery store decorated with a Renault car to demonstrate the latter’s spacious trunk.
— via AdArena 

PETA’s “Human Meat” Campaign

Last year’s campaign by PETA in Providence, RI, featured containers with live people resembling packed meat. 
— Ad Arena 

Lockpick Business Card

If we think about business cards as mini billboards, then here’s a very creative one that is made of a set of lockpicks. 

Comic Strips Painted on Walls

This picture of a Citroen billboard is part of an amazing Flickr set about wall paintings based on comic strips in Brussels. Here’s the back story and a Google map mash-up that shows locations of each wall.
(thanks, Lieven) 

Tough Jeans Outdoor

An outdoor campaign for Tough Jeansmith in Hong Kong, via Marketing Alternatif where you can find one other execution. 

“Help Homeless Children” Scary Outdoor Campaign

This campaign by Grey Worldwide for “The Longest Night” aims to help homeless children to escape life on street. One of the eeriest executions I have seen. 

Miniature Billboards for Miniature Antwerp

CoolzOr brings us billboards for the Miniature Antwerp City tourist attraction. 

Billboard for Birds

This billboard for bird food was equipped with, surprise, bird food to attract birds and demonstrate the power of the product. See how it works at Advertising for Peanuts, and check out a similar one for dogs

The “Wrong Job” Outdoor

This brilliant campaign is for those who need a new job and for those who think ATMs and coffee machines are powered by micro-gnomes.

— all over the internet, but see the third image in the series here 

Labyrinth Billboard for DHL

A small ball travels from point A to point B and then (somehow) back in this 3D billboard for DHL in Amsterdam.
— advertka 

Advertising on “Under Construction” Signs

Undergoing a renovation, Cable Beach Resorts used their “under construction” signs to spread their message. From the portfolio of Marc Rapp

“Beaming Oprah Goes to Auschwitz” Billboard

This is Auschwitz.

This is Oprah going there. How do you like them flames on the background?

Credits: Auschwitz picbillboard pic. Thanks to Mark for the tip off. 

“Benjamin Moore Paints” Billboard

If you work with Pantone, you’ll appreciate these billboards for Benjamin Moore Paints

“Sucked In Blimp” Billboard

In the undying words of VW’s Helga, this {probably photoshopped) billboard “is definitely sucking”. Miele vacuum cleaners, via Frederik Samuel. Here’s another sucking one for Electrolux vacuums

Russian “Don’t Play With Fire” Sign

“Be careful with fire in the forrest”, warns this charming handpainted Russian sign (which you need to click to enlarge).

Street Furniture Promotes Book Reading

Istanbul municipality installed this cute book-looking street furniture throughout the city as part of its campaign to encourage people to read books. In case you wonder about the content of the benches, our agent in Istanbul reports that the first installment includes famous Turkish poetry.
— Yalcin @ Bigumigu 

“Giant Chcolocate Bar” Billboard

Not a real choco bar, unfortunately, but very, uhm, sweet. Here’s a whole Flickr photoset if you want to zoom in.
— via advertising for peanuts < blogsome 

Billboard for Smart Car

This South African billboard for Smart car is igniting all sorts of debates. Funny how they say “American nothing” since the car is made by DaimlerChrysler, the Chrysler part being, of course, American. Not to mention Clear Channel. Not to mention that when they try to get into the American market, some competitor will be glad to make this billboard known to the buying public. 

“Antarctica Melting” Outdoor

An example of how to turn global warming into your sales ally, by a travel agency. Click image to zoom in.
— Blogsome and Spot Anatomy 

“Dead Pedestrians” Outdoor

Babelfish translates the copy on these stickers roughly as “7000 pedestrians killed each year in Europe. Think about it when you are behind the wheel.” Wonder how many pedestrians die while trying to read messages on ads like this one.
— fubiz 

Lego’s “Crane” Outdoor

Lego’s ad agency in Santiago (Chile) used cranes to hang giant Lego blocks. Very impressive. Previous Lego’s outdoor ads in Santiago include this billboard, and its giant bricks were used before, too. 

“Elevators Renew Hair” Billboard

The sheer size of this billboard is awesome, but the coolest are the elevators, each demonstrating movement of a magic element that revitalizes the model’s hair. Found in Taipei.
— coloribus 

“Skin Cancer Towel” Outdoor

On a beach, would you rather use this “please take care this summer” skin-cancer-awareness towel or this i-am-a-playboy-covergirl one? 


Bueno, se que hay muuuuchisimos mas y que la vida es larga y la creatividad humanas lo es mas aun, aqui les deje un par de muestras de que esto es asi. Pero asi como hay que darle las gracias a todos y cada uno de estos artistas, tambien hay que hacerlo a la pagina de donde los saque en mis momentos de ocio, se llama  y podras encontrar no solo estos anuncion por monton sino que tambien otras cosas por el mismo estilo.


Ya en un futuro publicare mas cosas de este estilo. Espero que te  hayan gustado, no olvides comentar, preguntar o pedir articulos o informacion de lo que desees, que yo con mucho gusto me informare y hare lo propio para satisfacer a mi publico. No olvides comentarles a tus amig@s sobre el site.



Fotos para contemplar

marzo 8, 2009


     Muy probablemente me estarás diciendo desde lo mas profundo de tu ser: “y a este man que le pasa? Todas las fotos son para ser contempladas..”, a lo que yo te responderé sin mayores intrigas: “Realmente no, hay diferentes categorías de fotos: Las que están solo para divertir la mente, como las historietas y las imágenes de humor, también están las que se usan para expresar un sentimiento o una idea: como el arte, las pinturas de algún autor en especifico y cosas por el estilo; y así podré continuar describiendo diferentes tipos de imágenes y sus respectivos motivos pero, a lo que yo me quería referir con el titulo de este post es a imágenes que están destinadas a la contemplación de las mismas, no es que sean solo para observarlas y ya, sino para que sientas la energía y el arte del momento donde fueron tomadas, esos….. como dice el comercial, esos…. Momentos Kodak? XD jejeje, si esos momentos que seguro no volverás a ver en mucho tiempo… 

     Aquí te dejare las direcciones URL para que los veas tu mism@, de montarlos aquí la pagina tardaría mas de lo que estas dispuest@ a esperar por las su dichosas fotos, espero que sean de tu agrado y no olvides comentar, preguntar y sonreír. Hasta la Proxima!!!

101 Imágenes que te “pararan el corazón” (realmente ese es el titulo del articulo, pero son imágenes para contemplar e impresionar)

40 imágenes para fantasear, jejejeje, ese no es el titulo pero son entretenidas, son todas pinturas, la ideas es que en muchas de ellas sean tan fidedignas que no te des cuenta de que sin pinturas

10 imágenes de arquitectura. Que aburrido? No realmente, porque con el respectivo momento, iluminación, alineamiento de planetas y esa abejita volando al borde de la foto, pueden hacer que la imagen cobre vida propia, échales un vistazo que estoy seguro que te van a impresionar