Viendo la mavisa confluencia de cibernautas al articulo de Publicidiades Creativas, pense que deberia dedicar una pagina entera a este arte que tanto nos llama la atencion (y tambien el bolsillo) para poder apreciar (y tambien tomar nota) lo que otros expertos en el arte de la fotografia, creatividad, locura y humor pueden hacer. 

Te invito a unirte un poco y sentir la risa, sorpresa o conmicion, cualquier sentimiento que se te ocurra, tododependera del animo del autor.

Hundreds of photos of funny billboards and crazy outdoor ads
found throughout the world:

“Under the Bridge” Advertising

I’ve never seen advertising on the other side of the bridge, but there’s always first time. This one is to dramatize the magnificent grip of JK Tyre tires. 
Nissan’s Billboard with a Kite

There should be more kites in our skies, even if with ads. Kites rock.
— cerebro creativo 

“Clearance” Store Front

— source: Adlova 

Fiat Ad on Airplane Windows

An ad for Fiat over porthole shades.
— creative brain 

Big Butt Outdoor
Two creative ways to use the big-butt incentive in an outdoor ad:

Slap the image on chairs at a restaurant (via ads of the world).

Make the image elastic and stretchy and put it on the gym exercise machines (via crative brain). 

“Building Mod” Billboard

Mighty Optical Illusions brings us this billboard (more pictures inside) in Toronto that doesn’t really advertise anything, but uses the same “building mod” approach as this Turkish billboard for Volkswagen and the NYbillboard for Court TV

Billboard Graffiti

A social outcry against donut terrorists takes form of a billboard-liberating graffiti.
— via I Am Bored (and who isn’t?)

Illegal Billboards by Ron English 

Giant Maxim Billboard in Nevada Desert

AdRants writes about a giant – 75 X 110 foot – replica of the Maxim magazines’s cover placed in the Las Vegas desert to celebrate Maxim’s 100th issue. Let’s get a huge model if we can’t have our huge iPod

More Crushing Balls

Loved the giant advertising things that crush cars? AdRants brings you more, here (the tennis balls) and here(the red ones). And the muffins, the killer muffins

Boobs Painted on MINI To Advertise Something

It says: “FHM. It’s a guy’s thing.” Don’t know what FHM is. Comes from the depth of my hard drive.

[Update April 7, 2006] As many of the Billboardom’s reader have kindly pointed out, FHM is a men’s magazine. Dunno, I prefer Playboy in Braille

Windows-Decorated Computer Store

A small Windows-decorated store that sells computer hardware in Ukraine.
— advertka 

Bathroom Doors Fight Drunk Driving

Looks like remodelling bathroom doors is the second hottest trend in out-of-home advertising right after hacking urinals (followed closely by crushing balls). This is a good one, though. The Pedestrian Council of Australia made public bathrooms look like jail cells to convey the consequences of drinking and driving (don’t-drink-and-drive billboards are a whole separate subject altogether).
— from Frederik Samuel’s 

Double-Sided Billboards Fight Drugs

An interesting use of billboards’ “doublesidedness” in this Saatchi campaign in Singapore. 

Modded Taxi Advertising A Toyshop

A wind-up taxi advertises The Biggest Toyshop in the World. 
— advertising for peanuts 

Billboards Mounted on Sheep

I know you’ve seen this image already, but for the sake of record-keeping I had to repost it here. Nice, but not original. Golden Palace has already branded cows.
— via We Make Money 

Outdoor Mini-Museums for Ikea

If you liked Ikea’s showcase on wheels or it’s recent outdoor campaign that wrapped street furtniture in funky fabrics, you will love these outdoor showrooms placed in Japan.
— advertising for peanuts 

Billboards as Blankets for Homeless

Salvation Army used real blankets for posters so that homeless people can use them whenever needed.
— coloribus 

Socially Responsible Billboard in Liberia

Click image to zoom in. Source: Advertka

Bus Billboard for Adsense

Photoshopped or not, this supposedly Google’s billboad for its AdWords program raise a bunch of interesting questions about advertising going transmedia.Would be even better if made clickable.
— via advertising for peanuts 

“Sugar Dadies” Billboard

More African billboards can be found at Houtlust. 

SciFi Channel’s Outdoor

A tomb for SciFi Channel in Toronto. 
— infopub 

“Exercise More” Poster

A (perhaps adhesive) poster with a basketball ring and basket, via Coloribus

“Painted Shadows” Outdoor

Auckland Regional Council painted palm tree shadows to show people what they were missing.
— frederik samuel 

“Nintendo DS Grave” Outdoor

An outdoor campaign in Italy advertising (I think) the Resident Evil: Deadly Silence game for Nintendo DS. Kind of like this zombie hands promo

Boundary-Pushing Billboard-Bending Butts

A recent billboard for Fitness Company, found by Advertising for Peanuts.

An older billboard for Sweetex from the archives. 

Steaming Coffee Manhole Cover

Oh, this is the work of genius. Why waste the precious steam coming from the manhole covers when you can make a perfect coffee ad out of it.
— Coloribus 

Mortgage Billboard

No, billboards for banks and financial services don’t have to be boring, not in Turkey. 
— bigumigu 

Amnesty International’s Outdoor

A campaign for Amnesty International. There’s one for UNICEF that uses the same concept.
— coloribus 

Giant Truck On Its Head

Source: advertising for peanuts. 

T-Shirt with Boobs and Extra Hands

Noticed this t-shirt on foreign blogs and couldn’t resist posting it here. Don’t think it has anything to do with billboards. 

Bus Shelter Looks Like Furnished Room

If you liked the McDonald’s bus stop, you’ll love this one from Prague. Another creative execution advertising mortgages (here’s one from Turkey).
— ad arena 

Rowenta Billboard

As a side note, what do you call this thing the billboard promotes? Curlers? I need to get a life. 

Firefox Bus

For all Firefox fanboys and fangirls, here’s an Indian Firefox bus. More pics here

Honda’s “No Choke” Billboard

Lethal says, “This is a piece for Honda at 49 Old St, London. Designed to tease and
communicate the proposition provided by Honda’s new Civic Hybrid, which is
exempt from the London Congestion Charge because of low emission rates. NO CHOKE is made from moss and wood, and was designed and produced by Lethal and Sally McCaffrey, a landscape artist.” 

“Hairdo” Bus Shelter

source: coloribus 

Hair Dryer Promotes Nasal Discongestant

source: creative criminal 

Blush Bag

So this bag is all over the internets now and some say it’s not terribly original, but I think it would be a nice match to the Fedex t-shirt

Heat-Emitting Billboard

This billboard emits heat and melts snow to promote a travel agency and its sunny destinations.
— ads of the world 

Dali Clock Promotes Exhibition

A warped Dali clock promotes a Dali exhibition. Here’s another Dali-themed outdoor stunt in Philadelphia.
— ads of the world 

Leggy Nuns

When I saw this pic on Mighty Optical Illusions, it took me forever to figure out what the illusion was. Now I am torn between spoiling it and letting you figure it out. Guess which one I picked. Or is it just me who’s slow here.
— source: Optical Illusions etc 

Sheep Poetry

Since everybody is so excited (including the NY Times) about all those billboards on sheep, here’s something else: “Fifteen of the woolly animals in Northumberland have been daubed with random words and left to roam their field – making poetry in motion.”
— Sky News, Dec.2002

Also, consider alternative media choices: dogvertising and cowvertising

MINI Vending Machine Billboard

Andy Awards are in, and most of the winners in the outdoor category have already been featured on the pages of Billboardom, except for this “MINI vending machine” billboard. Goes straight into our collection of other MINI billboards.
— via Ad Rag 

Windshield Covers for Smart

Covers left on the windshield of Smart cars in a public parking designed to convince people that Smarts are bigger than they seem. More at adverbox

Ford’s “Car on the Wall” Billboard

A more creative variation of the car-on-the-wall billboard theme, via AdFreak

Giant Golf Tee And Ball Outdoor
I haven’t been updating this blog as much as I would love to because most of my time is now being sunk intothesis work on in-game ads, but here’s some outdoor eye candy and a promise to make up for whatever I’ve missed. 

A giant golf tee makes use of an existing building that looks like a golf ball to promote a hotel. 
— more pics at Frederik Samuel’s

Waterfall Billboard for Shampoo

Advergirl says this is a billboard placed under an existing man-made waterfall at a busy shopping mall in Singapore. 

Plug Billboard

Can you plug your cell phone charger into this billboard? Second installation in the series, following thebillboard with a switch. Wonder what’s next.
— source: Mutually Inclusive on Flickr 

Outdoor Propaganda: The Big Father
For one of my school projects on Soviet propaganda, I’ve collected a few pictures of the similar Lenin’s monuments placed in different cities. The sight of founder of the Russian revolution with his hand stretched out was as ubiquitous as Ronald McDonald on the other side of the Iron Curtain. Here are some of these pics.


Another “Don’t Drink and Drive” Outdoor Campaign

This one goes straight into the growing collection of outdoor appeals to not drink and drive.
— source: Frederik Samuel 

Transforming Fields Into Billboards


A German company Artfield plants colorful vegetation to transform fields into huge advertising panels viewed from the sky. The two images about show such a panel for Swissair in May and August of 1998, respectively.

Aluminum Billboard for Aluminum Audi

Like the billboards for Playboy and Sunsense Sunscreen, this billboard for the first mass-produced aluminum car (that’s back in 2001) reacts to the changes in the environment, albeit slowly.
— Adverbox 
More Bathroom Fun from Kellogg

“To promote Kellog’s Al-Bran among health and body concerned people, stickers showing a “locked door” were placed on WC doors; when a door was closed, people had the sensation of being locked inside. All-Bran’s message to consumers appeared on another sticker next to the door: Don’t feel trapped in the toilet.”

Here’s a somewhat similar bathroom campaign by Kellogg.

— AdRants 

“Move to Wisconsin” Billboard

Having been to both, I don’t see much difference, but they know better.
— LinderRox on flickr 

“Burnt Skin” Billboard

Frederik Samuel writes: “The vinyl that the image of the girl and boy was printed on has been scorched using a blow torch to simulate the effect of badly burned skin.” 

Stringfellows “Lamp Post” Billboards

A series of posters for the lingerie maker and nightclub Stringfellows, very similar to the ones advertising mice baitMore at AdArena

Poster For a Self Defense School

More at Coloribus

Apple’s “Smashed Window” Storefront

Lesson of the day: shop windows that look smashed attract attention.

— via Scott Hodge (thanks, Jeff

WWF “Make a Stand” Billboards

Billboards for World Wildlife Fund, apparently in China. Animals on one side of the street, hunters on the other, and the only thing between them is you. Very elegant and powerful.
— Advertising for Peanuts 

An Outdoor Campaign For Something

No idea what this campaign is for, but it looks great. More pics on Seaspace.

(keywords: bus, head, China) 

Billboard for Bic Razor

A billboard for Bic Razor (by, apparently, TBWA London in 2003).
— creative brain 

Bathroom Peephole for Axe

Maybe I should start a separate blog on bathroom-related advertising humor, given the amount of creative that pops up. This wonderful peephole is from the United Arab Emirates and demonstrates the Axe effect (apparently the deodorant makes others want to see you pee, or something).
— Ad Rag

More Posters with Teeth

Coloribus finds more posters with teeth like the one that was making rounds last week

“Feel Like A Millionaire” Bus Shelter

A bus shelter with a hole in it promoting some lottery. Experiential marketing, anyone?
— adverblog 

“Windows” Billboard for Volkswagen Jetta

A fantastic billboard for VW Jetta from Turkey, which you have to enlarge to appreciate. Thanks, Settar

World’s Largest Basket

“7-story building shaped like a basket is Longaberger’s Home Office, Newark, Ohio.”
— Roadside America via Advergirl 

Veet’s “Peeling” Billboard

This billboard for Veet hair removing products is like a massive monument to pain. 
— ads of the world 

“Pie in the Face” Outdoor

“To promote the Comedy Film Festival, pie decals were placed on revolving doors all over the city,” the city being Toronto. I’ve seen another revolving door decal with a ballerina; can’t find it now.
— ihaveanidea via Frederik Samuel 

Dentist’s Business Card

I’ll do a special post about cool business cards one day, but until then, here’s one for a dentist. Made out of metal and has an corner bitten off.
— advertka 

Snickers Bus

— bigumigu 

“Smashed Car” Outdoor

Surgeon General’s warning: Smoking and Nike balls may complicate collection of auto insurance. 

Fedex T-shirt

Source: adme (in Russian)

Rethinking Print Advertising 

Billboards for Jaipur Foot

An outdoor campaign for Jaipur Foot, an artificial limbs maker. 
— adme 

Giant Lego Bricks

You’ve probably seen these larger-then-life Lego bricks already, but I thought I’d post it for the record. Also, see this award-winning Lego billboard

“Quit Smoking” Outdoor Pavement Ad

Unbelievable how much propaganda stuff you can milk from a simple pavement. This is a piece of an apparently British anti-smoking campaign, and here’s one for not drinking.

— dead insect 

Divorce Lawyer Stationary

If you liked the set of metal business cards for a dentist, you’ll love this set of stationary for a divorce lawyer. Click image to zoom in. 

“Birds Eye View” Floor Design

A very creative floor in what looks like an airport terminal. The only piece of info that Babelfish wrestled out of this Chinese site is that it has something to do with United Airlines. The same page also links to a set of images showing an airplane-themed redesign of an underpass.

Update (March 22): It’s a public art project in Sacramento Airport. More details here

Posters for Fitness Centers

Two different fitness centers, similar ideas. There’s also a recent one for a yoga class, but I have to remember where it was. 

Ballerina on Revolving Doors

Here’s the ballerina I was trying to find yesterday; she promotes, what else, a ballet. This is in connection with yesterday’s post on the pie-in-the-face decal. Source: Frederik Samuel

McDonald’s Bus Stop

Yalcin from Bigumigu sends in this snapshot of a bus stop that looks from the inside like a McDonald’s counter. Check out his site for another execution with french fries. 

Airbus Cabin Designed by BMW

The interior of the new Airbus A350 designed by BMW. Love that sky on the ceiling. More here

LG Blimp

I love promo balloons unless something goes wrong.

— from Gizmodo

Urinals as Conduit Of Social Protest

German branch of PETA released stickers with Karl Lagerfeld to protest fur fashion. Here’s an article in German and a few downloadables.

— We Make Money Not Art 

War of Billboards in Cuba

This is MAD, as in Mutually Assured Destruction. Cuba and the US exchange billboard jabs in Havana. Details on Fluctuat

Manholes as Turntables

An outdoor campaign for this Dutch 3FM radio
— via ColoribusBigumigu 

“Women in Glass Cubes” Outdoor

Adidas has encased these women doing stretching exercises in individual glass cubes. Spotted on Flickr byAdRants, who aptly named the image file “adidas_cube_ladies”. 

Billboards Cause Injuries

image: Moscow News

Who would’ve thought billboards pose such a threat to society. Over the weekend, a section of Moscow subway collapsed when some dudes were erecting billboard above it and damaged piles supporting the tunnel’s roof (ABC story here). And last week a billboard in Toronto fell and injured a few people (AdRants,Torontoist). I need to put a disclaimer here urging you guys not to try this stuff at home, or else. 

“Don’t Speed” Poster

“Please don’t speed near schools” poster placed on windshields. I guess people who see this one on their cars will give up driving altogether.
— Ads of the World 

Walking Billboards

Walking billboards for Foot Locker in Germany. 
— advertka 

More Mirror Ads

Advergirl brings us this piece of advertising placed on mirrors that works just like this one for HSBC. Created for a jewelry shop and placed on bathroom mirrors. 

Painted 3D Illusions

This painted Vaio that looks 3D by Julian Beever is making rounds today, so I thought I’d post a link to more of his amazing work. One other artist who is doing visual illusions is Kurt Wenner. And here’s a blog aboutoptical illusions in general.

Earlier on AdLab:

Nipple Piercing as Basketball Ring

— Cool Hunter 

Billboards for Taekwondo School

A series of cleverly placed billboards for a martial arts school in Singapore. More at Coloribuss

Oversized Armchair for Disney

Honey, I shrunk the kids! Feel like a kid in this oversized campaign prop for Disney’s DVD Classic series, broght to you by Advertising for Peanuts

“Climbing Shoes” Billboard

A billboard for Woodland Shoes.

— Creative Criminal 

Creepy Billboard

Ian B. Line found this creepy billboard for something and posted it on Flickr

Painted Trees for WWF

World Wildlife Fund is on a roll. First, these billboards, and now this campaign with painted trees. The sign says “You never kill just a tree”.
— Creative Brain (careful, pop-ups) 

Greenpeace’s Outdoor Stunt

“The future of the planet is in your hands.” What would Jesus do?
— Blog de Guerillha via benbunan 

Nike “Cars” Outdoor

Cars decorated as Nike kicks in Mexico. The front car carrying the ball must this one from a previous campaign.
— coloribus 

Billboard for SlimFast

Interesting use of perspective in this “now you are fat, now you are not” billboad for SlimFast.
— via Creative Criminal 

Outdoor Stunt by Goodyear

Lovely concept, but I think there’s something lost in translation in this outdoor campaign for Goodyear. The sign says, according to Coloribus,

Recuerda que siempre que quieras comentar algo o hacer alguna peticion o simplemente hacer alguna correccion, puedes dejarla abajo que muy gustosamente la tendremos en cuenta (… no, no pongas esa cara, no la pasare por el llamado “cajon de las ideas” que las procesa volviendolas largas tiritas de papel XD) (Nuevamente doy gracias a por las fotos facilitadas desde su web)


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